Rawand Hirezi Foundation

 Smiles For Troubled Youth 

Who is Rawand Hirezi?

At only 23 years young, Rawand had touched so many lives with her exceptionally positive personality. Her purpose in life was to help others in need and she did it well. She loved volunteering her time at youth centers and gave unconditionally of herself to each individual she met. Rawand believed that the best way to help troubled youth is to simply take the time out to listen and be a friend. Rawand’s passion extended into her studies, she attended George Mason University in Fairfax, VA and studied criminal justice and was one month away from receiving her Bachelors Degree before she was killed in a tragic car accident. She was excited about getting a new job helping troubled juveniles and was pursuing a Law Degree.

This is a short description of how Rawand lived life in her own words. It is only a glimpse of how beautiful she truly was inside and out. It was our loss not to live the rest of our lives in the presence of her beautiful soul and unforgettable smile that always lit our hearts.

"I consider myself a happy person. I dont get mad easily. Rarely, will you hear me yell. I am emotional, especially about things that are in my life and sensitive but it’s only because I care. I love to laugh and try to be as positive as I can even when things don't go well. "Life is short, you only live once, so try to make the best of it". If you know me well, you know I can't go a day without singing. It makes me happy! I believe it’s important to find your passion so at times you can escape reality. NO ONE EVER SAID LIFE IS EASY! I love my friends and I’m especially close to my family. I love children, the color pink, and people in general. I think of myself as spontaneous but not crazy (I WOULD NOT JUMP OUT OF A PLANE) but, I do things in the spare of the moment. One of my biggest dreams is to travel the world to learn and appreciate others cultures and beliefs.”

How to Donate:

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